Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Tree Questions

Will putting in a sprinkling system help my trees?

NO!  Simply put, in over forty years of caring for trees we have never seen a sprinkling system that helped tree health.  Most of the time, they are set to water too frequently and for not long enough periods.  They are almost always installed by people who know nothing about horticulture and so the trenches that are dug to install underground piping do terrible damage to existing mature trees, sometimes causing fatal downward spirals in health.  Then, when the sprinkling heads are installed they often spray leaves and needles causing fatal fungal disease problems that could have been totally prevented.  If watering is a big problem try using above ground leaky hose for those hard to reach areas.  Don’t spend good money to kill or injure your trees.  (ref: Watering Abstract, Fungal Disease Abstracts)