How We Can Help You

The professional craftsmen at Arborsmith:

  • Provide tree evaluation and diagnosis of problems
  • Manage insects and diseases that attack trees using the least toxic approach
  • Are dedicated to a holistic, environmentally sound approach to tree care
  • Trim trees for long term health and strength
  • Trim for vista clearance or light penetration
  • Trim to bring out the natural beauty of each tree
  • Perform proper shrub rejuvination and renewal pruning
  • Fertilize and Mulch using expert knowledge
  • Stimulate Root Growth for stressed trees
  • Preserve trees during construction
  • Conduct practical seminars on the care of trees and shrubs
  • Protect trees and their roots by mulching
  • Publish Arborsmith Abstracts – Our practical information sheets giving solutions to common tree problems
  • Maintain a high level of personal care for our clients 
  • Publish a monthly e-newsletter, Wisdom from the Trees

Your trees deserve to be treated with careful attention. They are living organisms that are complex and fragile. Like our bodies, some trees have had more care and as a result will last longer and have a more healthy and beautiful life. Proper tree preservation and maintenance can only be accomplished by a certified arborist.  Above all, you need someone you can trust.


Tree Need Identifier™ and Tree Care Simplifier™

The Arborsmiths™  are committed to careful evaluation of your trees and shrubs.  We have developed a trademarked system called the Arborsmith Advantage to insure your trees and shrubs are inspected and optimal solutions for their health are simplified and carefully laid out for easy understanding and implementation.  We are always in training and continuing education classes, and doing research to insure up to date understanding of the threats to our tree and shrub patients.


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“Arborsmith staff have an understanding of trees and their needs that goes far beyond the typical professional.  They take a professional approach to the aesthetics, health and needs of trees.”

-P.Clifford Miller Landscape Artist

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Arborsmith Optimal Tree Health Solution™

The increasing stresses caused by our global economy and urban and suburban living create real challenges for our trees. Most tree and shrub disease or insect attacks can be prevented by maintaining good plant health.  This is our top priority with our Healthy Tree BuilderTM. When controls for attacking insects or diseases become necessary, we research and utilize the least toxic or non-toxic alternatives for pest and disease control or prevention.

Shrub Maintenance

Proper shrub maintenance is an art that is being lost to hedge shears.  We shine in the art of horticulturally correct shrub rejuvenation and renewal.  We regularly conduct classes at the Chicago Botanic Garden on proper shrub maintenance for professionals and homeowners alike.  Before you replace an overgrown hedge or bush, call us for a renewal or rejuvenation quote.

Wisdom From the Trees™

Wisdom From the Trees™ is our monthly e-newsletter featuring a tree of the month and other timely topics of a practical nature for our busy clients. 

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Certified arborists prune to develop the long term strength, health and beauty of a tree. “Proper trimming is one of the best things we can do for our trees” says the late Dr. Al Shigo, the US Forest Service’s father of modern arboriculture, but “improper trimming is one of the worst things you can do for your trees.  Be certain that you are not paying money to harm your trees.”

All of the Arborsmiths, unlike many landscape companies, are certified arborists or under the direct supervision of certified arborists, and use sterile trimming techniques.

Tree Preservation and Design Phase Tree Selection

Are you planning a new addition or landscape for your home?  We excel in collaborative work with landscape architects, architects, contractors and building managers.  Allow us to help you and your design professionals preserve your existing trees and select new varieties for maximum effect.

Mulching and Fertilizing

Mulching is the single most effective preventative care that you can provide for your trees.  It is more effective than fertilizing, trimming or spraying for the long term health of most trees.  This is because the stresses on trees in urban environments can be mitigated by replacing lawn with mulch.  This one thing can increase tree root volume by as much as 195%.  Fertilizing helps a tree compensate for being removed from its native woodland environment and its normal nutrient cycle.

Arborsmith Abstracts™

Our Arborsmith Abstracts™ are the accumulated wisdom of over 60 years of experience and education in the practical care of trees. They are information sheets giving brief, easy to read solutions to common tree problems.

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