Amazing Trees, Amazing Me!

Mother Nature’s Moment - April 2016
by: Lesley Bruce Smith, ISA certified arborist

Photo by Lesley Bruce Smith

Photo by Lesley Bruce Smith

I have spent the whole of my professional career explaining to people that trees are amazing organisms with an innate wisdom. This requests of us that we approach them with humility, and recognize that they have the ability to heal themselves far beyond what we are capable of understanding.  As a result, we seek to be careful observers of the natural environment and do our best to mimic that in our home landscapes in order to provide the best possible home for our tree friends to survive and thrive.  

Did you know that when you water a tree’s roots on one side the tree is capable of transporting that water to it’s other half where the need for water may be more acute? Did you know that trees can actually communicate with their offspring and even to their neighbors to warn them of coming danger using pheromones? Trees have the capacity to “hear” and respond to vibrational and verbal or auditory stimuli.  So talking to your trees really does do them good. Trees actually have been shown by studies done at the University of Illinois to have healing properties. When we have a view of trees from a hospital window we heal faster and remain calmer. Trees not only provide us with life giving oxygen, they filter both our water and our air so they can help to counteract the effects of pollution in our cities and towns if we don’t overwhelm them.  

As we study anything in science we usually try to isolate particular compounds, elements, minerals or substances in order to be able to see the effects of changes in the subjects of our studies. This is really important in order to get “accurate” results. There is a huge problem with this method, however. Rarely in nature do we have things operate in isolation. There is always an amazing dance going on. Everything effects everything and as we learn more and more about quantum physics we realize how true this is. Even our thoughts and intents can effect the outcomes.  

With all that said, I will let you know that I continue on my healing journey with cancer and like the trees that we have so lovingly tended through the years I recognize that my body is fearfully and wonderfully made and has an amazing capacity for healing as long as I give it the space and help that it needs. Thank you to all who have reached out in so many ways to express your care and concern.  We are all connected and your care is helping me heal.

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