Gratitude and Leading with the Good

Mother Nature’s Moment

by Lesley Bruce smith, ISA certified arborist

Sorry for the delay this summer of our newsletter, my bicycle accident has taken longer than expected for recovery. I am finally feeling more like myself with almost 75% strength and 90% range of motion in my recently broken arm and dislocated collar bone. Gilbert has been a champion these last months taking care of me at home and filling in for me at the office. I am very grateful to him. I am very grateful for my strong body continuing in the healing process and I am grateful for all of you, our customers.

You have been very patient in having to wait for longer periods for service. Many of you have sent greetings and well wishes for healing and even gifts and cards to speed me in the recovery journey. I cannot say it enough, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

I have been reminded in all of this of the importance of leading with the positive and being an encourager.  What is happening between my ears is the most important part of the healing process and so often our well meaning medical professionals seem to lead with fear. I am so thankful for all the great health care providers that have helped me along the way but I am astonished at how those who took a moment to say an encouraging word to me about my ability to recover have done so much to lift me in hope and healing.  Believing I would get better was so important in my actually doing so!!  Knowing so many were rooting for me has made all the difference! Having so much help along the way, for someone who doesn’t do the helpless thing very well, is what has kept me going when I couldn’t do it on my own.  I have so much to be grateful for, and I am indeed thankful.

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