Trees That We Remember

Mother Nature’s Moment
by: Lesley Bruce Smith, ISA certified arborist

Photo by Lesley Bruce Smith

Photo by Lesley Bruce Smith

As your arborist, you may remember me asking you if you have “any special concerns or things you want me to take note of” when we first reviewed your property together.  What I am really asking, or the question behind the question, is “Do you have a favorite tree? or “What are your stories with your trees?”  I often hear about an Arbor Day tree that was carted home by a small child, who is now grown and gone, and the tree stands as a living reminder of many good memories of family and loved ones. We have prepared many home landscapes for weddings that have used a tree as the altar or as a special photo opportunity for the bride and groom, or heard the story of a tree planted in someone’s memory.

I am part of a business networking group (Business Networking International) where each week I gather with a group of approximately 30 members of the local business community to network and educate each other on what we do and how we do it. In a recent meeting we were challenged to give the 45 sec. infomercial for the colleague sitting next to us, instead of our own, just as a way of knowing how well we have gotten to know one another and the services we each provide. I was deeply moved by the story my associate Mike Kaniok (a compassionate financial planner with Edward Jones) shared in his effort to explain Arborsmith. It gave us the idea of sharing it with you as our Tree of the Month.  We also thought it would be a great way to invite you to share a story of your own about a tree that has meant something special.  What is the story behind your favorite tree?

When we know your tree stories it helps us to partner with each of you to care for your trees. Trees that hold special memories for you and your family.  After 35 years of working with trees I have come to believe they do indeed “hold our memories” for us, and that when we lose one to a storm or disease we are losing a member of the family, not just the woody plant that shades our patio or bedroom. Thanks for sharing your “holders of memory” with us.

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